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Harry Potter and the Making of Sex Slaves

by darthme1011

This is the tale of Harry Potter. He lives at Number 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging in Surrey, England with his Mother' Sister, His Aunt Petunia Evans-nee Dursley. Her Husband Vernon Dursley and c...

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: NC-17 - Genres: Crossover,Erotica,Romance - Characters: Harry,Petunia Dursley,Tonks,Padma,Pansy - Warnings: [V] [X] [R] [?] [Y] - Published: 2008-01-09 - Updated: 2008-01-10 - 1566 words


Chapter One

It was about 9:30 P.M. on July 22 2007 when Petunia unlocked and entered the room she kept young Harry in, she was dressed in a robe and long black see-through stockings covering her legs disappearing up into the short robe and short black sandals with a 3 inch heel, her fingernails were just over an inch long and painted midnight black with the tips silver and her toenails were painted pure silver and were well trimmed, her dark brunette locks had some lighter brown highlights and fell to her upper back, her face was oval shaped set of by full pale red lips and she was wearing a small amount of black eye shadow that went well with her deep brown eyes that shown with anticipation, as she walked over to a chair that sat in about the middle of the room there was a light jingling sound as she moved but she never paid it any attention the chair was facing towards the full sized four poster bed that sat exactly opposite the door with was now wide open but she wasn’t worried she knew Harry couldn’t escape the house she had the only house key and it was safe in her room.

After she sat down she looked around and didn’t see Harry anywhere she called out “Harry, Harry its time to come out” no answer came and she tried the she if she could hear his breathing because it wasn’t the first time he had hid when she heard nothing she stood and walked over to the bed and bent down to see if he was hiding under their when see hear a slight creek right behind her but it was to late as she felt a pair of hands push her down to the ground and a weight on her back and could feel what she knew was Harry fumbling with her arms witch were now behind her back but when she felt something tightly wrapping around her wrists and arms she tried to roll over but Harry’s extra weight held her on her stomach she couldn’t move all “Harry” she shrieked “what the hell are y….” but was cut of when Harry yelled “Shut Up and from now on you’ll call me Master”, and slapped her on the cheek, shoved some cloth into her mouth and then placed duck tape over her lips to keep the cloth gag in place. Harry then stood up grabbed her shoulder and rolled her over onto her back and then into a sitting position, he looks into her frightened brown eyes and turned her head and pointed to the chair and said “Get up and sit there NOW” in a very cold tone that sent shivers down her spine, she slowly turns over so she was on her knees and then stood and stumbled over to the chair and sat down, Harry followed and stopped in front of Petunia yanked the sash holding the robe closed off reveling Petunia’s naked form, her breasts were a slightly saggy but still firm large C-cup and her dark pink nipples were both pierced with small gold rings 3/4th inch big and were both connected by a short gold chain 3 inches long witch is clipped to both nipple rings and pulled hard on the breasts and nipples drawing them towards the other while causing pain form the tugging as it looked like her nipples would rip off, he then spread her long sexy legs to view her sex witch was covered in a thick layer of dark brown and light brown wild pubic hair, he could see her multiple genital piercing on her outer labia , forchette and clitoris. Her clit was pierced with a small 3/4th inch gold ring, the outer labia was pierced once on each side with gold rings identical to the one in the clit and the forchette was a bent barbell but the ends were both little bells that rang when she walked. (I WILL PROBOLY FORGET TO ADD THE SOUND EVERY TIME BUT THE SOUND WILL HAPPEN WHEN EVER PETUNIA MOVES)

After Harry was done looking his aunt over he started looking for the key to the toy cabinet that he knew was in one of the robes pockets, it took a minute but he found the key in the a pocket on the inside of the robe and walked over and quickly placed the key into the padlock turned the key and with a click the padlock popped free and Harry unthreaded it and dropped it onto the floor and opened the cabinet doors reveling all the toys you could ever need costumes, dildos, butt-plugs normal and some with animal tails, anal beads, ball and ring gags, collars, nipple and weighted clamps, spreader bars, chains of different lengths and thickness, riding crops, paddles, whips, a couple chastity belts and a few things he didn’t know, he quickly grabbed a few of each item and placed them on the desk that was against the same wall as the bed.

He looked over the items and spread out over the desk and pick out a collar and a set of black handcuffs and walked over to his naked aunt and placed the collar around her neck, the collar was 2" wide three ring collar had a hasp style closure for locking witch he locked on the second tightest setting and locked the small padlock and then used the handcuffed her wrists and tore the cloth he had used to bind her previously away form her arms, he walked around the chair and looked Petunia in the eyes and said “I’m going to do everything you have ever done to me back to you only worse, you’ve peed on my face and made me lick out your ass, you’re my new toilet I’m going to pee straight down your throat and your tongue is now my toilet paper, you shoved a butt-plug up my in my ass and made me beg you to take it out so I could go to the bathroom, your going to have a plug shoved it that will only come out every other day for you to clean it and give yourself an enema to clean the shit out, you used cock rings on me and clamps on my nipples and balls, you beat me with the whips/crops/paddles, I’m going to make you bleed, you make me your little toy, your now mine to do what ever I want when ever I want, my little Pet you got that your name in now Pet I’m going to get a dog tag with it and place it on your collar, you’ve controlled me for years now its my turn you’re my slave” his rant finally coming to an end.

Harry walked back to the desk and with some trouble managed to drag it closer to the chair Pet sat in, he picked out a ring gag with a 2 1/4ths diameter and looked at Pet and said “Open your mouth” she shook her head side to side well mumbling no, with that Harry picked up an whip and struck with a snap striking just above Pets right nipple leaving a large red welt and causing Pet to scream out in pain Harry quickly shoved the ring gag into Pets mouth and buckling the straps tight at the back of her head, she tried to fight the gag but without her hands she could do nothing against her nephew and now Master, with the gag in place Harry back off a bit and quickly struck again with the whip in his hand with a crack and caught the nipple causing Pet to scream louder but thanks to the gag was muted somewhat with tears streaming down her face, he struck again using all the strength he could bring the whip down on Pets inner thigh not even an inch away from her hairy mound, sound of the whips continued strikes were amazing the whips snaps made it sounded like a lightning storm, again and again Harry brought the whip down striking Pets body catching skin causing welts to form almost immediately the number of strikes causing a large crisscrossed pattern over her body and during the whole time Pet continued to scream until her voice sounded hoarse, , after the 3rd the time Harry caught Pets clit her head arched up as the recoiled from her the hit on her clit and her eyes rolled up into her head, she shrieked so loud Harry knew someone had to have heard it before she went limp and slumped to the floor falling off the chair drool leaking from her mouth and pooling around her head.

Harry feeling satisfied for the moment picked out a 3 foot long chain leash and clipped it to Pets collar and wrapped the other end around one of the bed posts and the clipped it together so she couldn’t get anywhere during the night, Harry graded his pajama bottoms and pulled them on one leg at a time and climbed into bed and slept easy with the knowledge that Petunia could never hurt him again he finally had control but more importantly he enjoyed it.
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