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Chapter four

by DoNotBeAFreak


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“I fucking hate this,” Gerard moaned when he and Frank finally got home.

Frank just smiled and shook his head with amusement, because seriously, could Gerard look more like a spoiled teenage girl who didn’t get that shiny new sports car she wanted for her birthday? “You agreed to it sweetheart.”

“I know, but I thought it would be easier,” he whined as he threw himself onto the bed hard enough to bounce about a foot off of it before landing heavily. “It shouldn’t be this hard.”

Gerard didn’t give much notice when Frank joined him on the bed and ran a hand up and down his back in an effort to be as comforting as possible. He just buried his face into a pillow, shoulders tensing as Frank’s fingers caressed them.

“It’s not too late to back out. Alicia hasn’t even told them that you’re going to be there yet, they just think that it’s going to be a normal quite little dinner so they can meet Mikey.”

“But I don’t want to back out,” Gerard said after a moment and gave into Frank’s soothing touch. “It’s my duty as a brother to meet Alicia’s parents.”

What Gerard didn’t know was that Frank hated all this as much as he did. It was sort of painful to have to watch Gerard learn how to act like someone he’s not just to impress his future in-laws. In all honesty that was the main reason why Frank told Mikey that he couldn’t play teacher. He loved Gerard for who he was and he didn’t want to see him being forced into such an uncomfortable situation.

“I’ve got a crazy idea,” Frank whispered into Gerard’s ear. “You convince Alicia’s parents just like we’ve been planning, then at Mikey’s wedding you can be the matron of honor.”

A smile grew across Gerard’s face as he let out a giggle. “You’re going to have to be Mikey’s best man; I refuse to walk down the aisle with anybody else.”

Frank chuckled as he kissed Gerard, then pulled away to laugh a little harder because the position that they were in didn’t really allow for a decent kiss. The problem was remedied quickly however, when Gerard rolled over onto his back and pulled Frank closer so that he fit snuggly between his thighs. At first they were both laughing, but that dissolved fast enough once the kiss commenced once more and Frank’s fingers started to play with the hem of Gerard’s skirt, just fiddling with the soft cotton at first then slowly beginning to push it higher up Gerard’s legs. Black panties, tight against the firmness of the hard-on that they restrained, made their appearance as Frank’s kisses became more heated, and the motion of his hips against said hard-on caused Gerard moan and whither.

“Take me Frankie,” Gerard whispered after licking a wet trail to Frank’s ear.

Frank let out a groan as Gerard’s thighs tightened their grip around his waist. He just loved it when Gerard did that, when he pressed harder, panting and whispering ‘take me’ over and over again in a soft, needy voice.

The dress was hiked up as far as it would go, given their position, and Frank’s fingers trailed Gerard’s thighs with feather light touches before traveling to further up the milky skin to slide a digit or two passed the elastic of those tight black panties. Gerard bucked his hips and whimpered.

Frank was reluctant to detach himself from Gerard’s rough needy kisses and vice like thighs, but he had to so he could removed the panties and grab the lube from the night stand. He did the latter as quickly as possible, scowling playfully when Gerard began to giggle. Bottle of lube in hand Frank settled back between Gerard’s legs, yet this time he was eye levels with his thighs, nuzzling the erection beneath Gerard’s panties with his nose and teasing it with his teeth.

“Mmm…Frankie…” Gerard bucked his hips and reached down to thread his fingers through Franks hair. “Please…”

“Beg for it Gee.”

“Oh god Frankie…Please, I want it.”

“How bad do you want it?”

Gerard let out a low moan as Frank freed him from his panties, eyes falling shut and back arching almost completely off the bed as the silky material slid down his thighs. “I want it bad. So, so bad-Oh god Frankie!”

Gerard looked down in time to see Frank’s lips slide down the length of his cock, stopping once he got as much as he could take into his mouth and lingering a moment to hollow his cheeks before moving back up and repeating his actions. Frank went slow at first and let Gerard wriggle and groan under him till he thought Gee had enough teasing and sped up. He had been at work for only about a minute before he grabbed for the lube bottle he had stashed between his knees for safe keeping. A loud guttural moan burst from Gerard’s throat when one of Frank’s slick fingers slid into him and curled onto his prostate. Before long he was practically fucking Frank’s finger and begging for more.

“I want you so badly Frankie. I want you to make me scream.”

Frank added another finger, working quickly to stretch the tight muscles that surrounded the digits as he fumbled with the fly of his pants awkwardly. The fingers of his right hand buried in Gerard’s ass and his bent posture while he sucked Gee’s rock hard cock made it difficult, but Franks jeans were around his thighs and the lube was slicked over his own throbbing erection soon enough.

Gerard’s hips twitched when Frank’s hand and mouth were taken away. He didn’t complain though, because Frank was kneeling between his legs and pulling him closer. Moaning eagerly, Gerard pushed up when Frank entered him and they shared a sloppy kiss as Franks thrusts built in speed and his hands found a comfortable place against Gerard’s hips; fingers caressing his hot skin and pushing the skirt aside so he could fist the cock that tented it. Gerard shivered at the contact and wrapped his legs tightly around Frank’s waist. They kissed again, just as sloppy as the last one, moaning into each other’s mouths.

“I’m so close,” Gerard whispered as he bit Frank’s lip and arched his back into a particularly hard thrust. “Oh god Frankie...” This time he wasn’t as quiet, moaning Franks name over and over as his hands gripped the bedspread and he came all over the dress and Frank’s hand and t-shirt. The look on Gerard’s face and the stickiness on his hand sent Frank over the edge moments later and he collapsed into Gerard’s awaiting arms.

“What’s so funny?” Frank said lazily when Gerard’s chest began to rise and fall in silent laughter.

“It’s the second time in a row I have to dry-clean this dress.”
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