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Chapter seven

by DoNotBeAFreak

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As soon as Gerard slipped out of sight Frank stripped down to his underwear and shoved his clothes to the floor in a jumbled heap. His mind was going a mile a minute, trying to guess just what Gerard had in store for him this time as he teased himself and waited, palming the hard on through his boxers and giving it a good squeeze every time a shadow danced through the light spilling out the closet door. Time was almost up and Frank was using all of his willpower not to fuck his own hand.

Finally, Gerard emerged and began a slow, cat like strut towards the bed, hands ghosting over his body and pink lips parted with a sexy little fuck-me-now pout. Frank groaned at the sight, and just about came then and there when Gerard’s fingers slipped between his thighs.

“Come closer,” he whispered as he reached the foot of the bed.

Frank obeyed, crawling across the comforter on all fours with his jaw wide open, in awe of the beautiful creature before him. He rose to his knees, wrapped his hands around Gerard’s waist, and pulled him into a kiss.

“You look so good baby,” Frank said with a groan as he redirected to Gerard’s neck. “You look good enough to eat.” Gerard shivered as teeth sunk into the soft, creamy skin of his shoulder. “…taste so good.”

He would have loved to let Frank nibble on his neck all night, but Gerard had been choreographing this in his head ever since they left the café. A whole day of being a man had to be cured by the delicious feel of pretty lace against his skin and Franks cock heavy on his tongue. Gerard gently pried Frank off and pressed him down onto the comforter, before kneeling gracefully and letting his cheek rest against Frank’s thigh.

“Well I think you’re just as tasty,” Gerard said as he slid the elastic of Frank’s boxers past his thighs.

“Go ahead and take a bite baby.”

Frank reached down and touched the lace just under Gerard’s right shoulder, caressing it and relaxing into the heavenly feeling of his red, wet mouth finally surrounding his painfully hard cock. He could hardly control himself, his eyes fluttered closed no matter how much he resisted, and his hips didn’t seem to want to stay still. Gerard gagged, but just ignored Frank’s breathless apology and pressed the thrusting hips under his fingers down with soft palms. He was losing control as well, his panties were stretched tight against his ass and cock, and every movement of his lower body sent waves of white hot pleasure up his spine. Gerard’s legs spread on their own accord, allowing for his silky panties to glide back and forth over his aching cock as his whole body rocked with every up and down movement of the work before him.

Frank let his eyes roll back into his head and threaded his fingers through Gerard’s hair when he moaned around his cock. It was all too much, the anticipation, Gerard’s milky skin peeking out from under the pretty silk and lace, the soft clumps of hair tickling his hips, and the pink, hot, delicious tongue and lips working his cock. Frank’s toes curled, and Gerard’s name tumbled from his gasping mouth as he came.


“Stop fiddling with your tie.”

“But it’s choking me Frankie,” Gerard whined as they stepped off the elevator. “You tied it too tight.”

“I did not.” Frank tugged Gerard’s fingers away from the offending tie, straightened it, and kissed Gerard’s cheek. “Just relax baby.”

Gerard couldn’t help but noticed the simple black dress Alicia was wearing when she answered the door, elegant but still casual with spaghetti straps and its flowy skirt that seemed to dance joyfully as she walked. He was so jealous of her.

“Sorry we’re a little late,” Frank said as Alicia led them into the dining room. “I forgot to iron my suit and Gerard wouldn’t leave till he’d killed all the wrinkles.”

“That’s alright,” Alicia answered as she pulled the ‘good plates’ out of the cabinet behind her and handed them over to Frank. “Could you set the table please?” Satisfied with Franks nod, she took Gerard’s hand and steered him into the kitchen. Mikey was standing at the kitchen counter, chopping a cucumber and throwing scowls at a salad bowl full of crisp lettuce and the diced carcass of a once fat tomato.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t wait to start cooking.”

“Well if Frank had done what I asked him to do we could have been her on time to help you.”

“Bitch, bitch, bitch,” came Frank’s muffled retort from the dining room. Gerard wanted to slap him so badly.

Alicia forced a smile and handed Gerard a mixing bowl and wooden spoon. “You can still help me with desert.”

Gerard followed the directions on the box of cake mix in near silence. His day had not been a good one at all. First he had cut both his chin and ankle shaving, and then Frank was held up at Showgirls helping decorate for an upcoming theme night, causing Gerard to be worried out of his mind because he had left his phone at home on the charger. His mood had then become even worse by Frank’s wrinkly suit, their tardiness, and the tie that Gerard was convinced was trying to strangle him. He hoped for Mikey and Alicia’s sake that he would be able to calm down by the time Alicia’s parents got there.
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