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    General Information About Me: My name is Beyond Birthday (Yes, just like the serial killer from Death Note: Another Note). I will NOT tell you my real name (the one from my birth certificate), because I do not care to. I am nearly eighteen years old. I can be either a boy or a girl (you make your own decision on that one), but I will NEVER tell you my real gender. My favorite things include: My lover (who is a boy, by the name of Crow, though I usually refer to him as aniki, though he's not really my brother), strawberry jam (I am an addict, I admit it), writing (duh, why else would I be on here), singing (though my voice is horrendous), and reading other people's fanfictions (I write on sometimes, but not with too much regularity). My least favorite things are: Flamers, sleep, people who try to take away my aniki (I am EXCEEDINGLY possessive of him, because he's been hurt a lot), insomnia (my special curse and gift), people who think about hurting my aniki (...again, I'm possessive as well as very VERY protective of him), and people who try to harm my family (the one that is NOT related to me by blood, like aniki is not related to me by blood). Other Things You Need To Know: I am an insomniac (my special gift and curse). I have MPD/DID (Multiple Personality Disorder, also known as Disassociative Identity Disorder), so if I start rambling on throughout any fics that I write, it is most undoubtedly one of my Others. I have a family that I love, and none of them are related to me by blood (I'll explain about them in a few seconds, okay). I am a Wiccan (that does NOT mean I am a Satanist. If you don't agree with my religious choosing, bugger off). I live in the US. My Family: Okay, there's my aniki (also called Crow), whom I love more than life itself. If he's in any sort of trouble, he can always turn to me. My big sister, Aquila (also called Quila), who is very crazy and loves to give people "BEWB HUGS." I love her to death. My other brothers Xiao, Jin, Dusty (even though he's a TOTAL asshole), and Adran. My little sister Myan-Linn. Remember, none of these people are related to me. ....I guess that's all that you need to know about me. .....this is over, then. ~Beyond Birthday
  • Teardrops On My Guitar

    by BeyondBirthday93 1 Reviews

    Songfic to Taylor Swift's "Teardrops On My Guitar." Yami's been ignoring his little hikari while he's dating Tea! Will the two of them get together? One-sided Puzzleshipping, Puppyshipping and Revo...

    Category: Yu-Gi-Oh! - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Romance - Characters: Yami Yugi,Yugi Mutou,Tea Gardner,Joey Wheeler,Seto Kaiba,Mokuba Kaiba - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2010/05/18 - Updated: 2010/05/18 - 2258 words - Complete

  • Do You Hear Them

    by BeyondBirthday93 0 Reviews

    Mostly a little fluffy-ish LxLight Romance/angst. Some MENTIONS of sexual situations, but ONLY mentions. Mild spoiler for L's real name. AU-ish, basically my idea of how the night before L's death ...

    Category: Death Note - Rating: G - Genres: Angst,Romance - Characters: L,Yagami Raito - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2010/05/16 - Updated: 2010/05/17 - 798 words - Complete


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