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    ¤ Name: Ched ¤ Alias: Gundamwinggirl/ Aki Inochi ¤ Age: 14 (My birthday is in a few weeks! yay) ¤ Height: 5’5’’ ¤ Weight: 125 lbs ¤ Family: Okasan and Tousan ¤ Pets: Kelo, Dixie, Cookie, Sheba (all dogs), Psiren(Elementalist's cat that I claim as my own), Spike (another of Elementalist's cats that I claim as my own)! ¤ Location: Tennessee ¤ Animes: Samurai Champloo, S-CRY-ED, Knight Hunters, Saiyuki, FullMetal Alchemist, Wolf's Rain, Chrono Crusade, Peace Maker Kurogane, G Gundam, Yu-Gi-Oh, Inuyasha, Zoids, Orphen, Cowboy Bebop, Lupin III, Gundam Wing, Witch Hunter Robin, Gundam Seed, Digimon, Pokemon, Dragonball Z Series (Uncut), Tenchi Muyo, Yuyu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, Trigun, Case Closed, and some more ¤ Mangas: Cowboy Bebop: Shooting Star, Love Hina, Chrono Crusade, Jing the King Of Bandits, Inuyasha, Trigun, D. N. Angel, Tsubasa, and Diabolo. ¤ Games: Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Animal Crossing, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 10, and Final Fantasy 10 2, Fire Emblem, Fire Emblem 2, and Star Ocean. ¤ Bishies: Roy Mustang, Banokotsu, Sasuke, Aya (Knight Hunters), Jin (Samurai Champloo), Hakkai, Gojyo, Goku (Saiyuki), Sesshomaru, Wolfwood, Chrono, Aoshi, Spike, Athrun, Kira, Amon, Seto, Heero, and Duo. ¤ Colors: Red, Black, and Blue ¤ Song: "Georgia Rain" by Trisha Yearwood ¤ Bands/Singers/Writers: Utada Hikaru, Yoko Kanno, Dream, Do As Infinity, BoA, Ayumi Hamasaki, PuffyAmiYumi, Trace Adkins and alot more... ¤ Food: Pizza! ¤ Junk Food: Chocolate Top Ten Anime: 1) Inuyasha, Rumiko Takahashi has made some happier anime…but Inuyasha rules…and the ears…ya just have to love the ears. 2) Wolf's Rain, a great anime and since I love wolfs, this adds to the liking of it! My favorite characters have to be Tsume and Kiba, but my favorite pairing is Tsume/Toboe, and right whne you thought that Blue was the bad wolf/dog, a twist occurs! Great anime! 3) Cowboy Bebop, this was a great anime! This made me a lover of Yoko Kanno, but besides the music, Spike was just soo cool! He has to be a hero of mine, just like Inuyasha and Heero. 4) Gundam Wing, has to be the best Gundam series ever, but besides some sad parts in it….it’s a great anime! 5) FullMetal Alchemist, one of the best anime ever created. Tragic yet funny, I truly love this series. My favorite character (besides Ed) is Roy Mustang. It has great music, a good plot, as well as the science known as Alchemy. This is a must see. 6) Witch Hunter Robin, haven’t got to see the whole series, but what I’ve seen so far is great! Amon is so cool, and Robin rules! And Micheal is just a cool genius. 7) Yuyu Hakusho, is a great anime! Hot characters, kool battles, and even some humor..everything an anime should be and more. 8) Dragonball Z, the first anime I ever watched and it will be an all time favorite of mine forever. Gohan was so cute, and Goku was a hero of mine for many years and still is! 9) Trigun, it was a great anime...I cried when any good person died..I cried when the others was very emotional. 10) Zoids CC, has to be the best out of all of the Zoid series. Having hot characters, kool new zoids, great battles and some comedy...ya couldn't help but love it! My Least Favorite Episode of Fullmetal Alchemist- ¤ #25: Words of Farewell Favorite Yaoi Couples: Fullmetal Alchemist: Ed/Roy Havoc/Fuery Hughes/Roy Roy/Furher (my own personal pairing) Yugioh: Yami Yugi/Yugi (favorite) Seto/Joey Yugi/Joey Yami Yugi/Seto Ryou/Bakura Inuyasha: Inuyasha/Sesshomaru (favorite) Inuyasha/Miroku Inuyasha/Bankotsu (runner up) Bankotsu/Jakotsu Shippou/Kohaku Kohaku/Sota Zoids: Van/Irvine (favorite) Irvine/Karl Karl/Thomas Bitt/Brad Trigun: Knives/Vash Vash/Wolfwood (favorite) Yuyu Hakusho: Yusuke/Kurama Kurama/Hiei (favorite) Yusuke/Hiei Youko/Hiei Youko/Yusuke Jin/Touya Gundam Wing: Heero/Duo (favorite) Heero/Quatre Quatre/Trowa (favorite) Zechs/Heero Wufei/Duo Trowa/Duo Digimon: Yamato/Taichi (favorite) Davis/Ken (favorite) Takeru/Davis Takuya/Kouji (favorite) Kouji/Kouichi Wolf's Rain: Tsume/Toboe (Favorite) Hige/Kiba Tsume/Kiba Lord of the Rings: Aragorn/Legolis Pokemon: Ash/Nicholas (my OC Character) Ash/Brock Rurouni Kenshin: Kenshin/Sanosuke (Favorite) Sanosuke/Sajime Yahiko/Soujiro (no clue why) Kenshin/Soujiro Favorite Straight Couples: Fullmetal Alchemist: Riza/Roy Winry/Ed Al/Winry Riza/Scar Yugioh: Seto/Sakura (my OC character) Tristan/Serenity Joey/Mai Yugi/Anzu Yami Yugi/Anzu Inuyasha: Inuyasha/Kagome (yeah!) Miroku/Sango Sesshomaru/Rin Sesshomaru/Kagome (yay!) Sesshomaru/Kagura Inutaisho/Kagome (GO Nefra1) Inutaisho/Izayoi (inu's mom and dad) Zoids: Van/Fiona Irvine/Moonbay Bitt/Leena Brad/Naomi Raven/Reese Jamie/Pierce Trigun: Knives/Milly Vash/Meryl Wolfwood/Milly (kawaii!) Yuyu Hakusho: Yusuke/Keiko Hiei/Shiziru Hiei/Botan Kuwabara/Yukina Koenma/Botan Koenma/Shiziru Gundam Wing: Heero/Relena (don't like the couple much, but Heero's gotta have someone) Zechs/Noin (Yay!) Duo/Hilde Quatre/Dorothy Trowa/Une Une/Trieze Wufei/Sally Digimon: Takeru/Kari Davis/Yolie Yolie/Ken Tai/Sora Izzy/Mimi Mimi/Joe Zoe/Takuya Witch Hunter Robin: Amon/Robin Sakaki/Doujima Wolf's Rain: Kiba/Cheza Hige/Blue Hub/Cher Tenchi Muyo: Ryoko/Tenchi Nobunaga/Aichika (tenchi's mom and dad) Pokemon: Ash/Misty Ash/May Jessie/James (so cute) Brock/Suzie Rurouni Kenshin: Kenshin/Kaoru Sanosake/Megumi Yahiko/Tsubame Aoshi/Misao
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