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    Howdy-do Too much to say about me, but heres what I look like and what I like and what I look like... Hair: Dark Brown and almost shoulder length. Eyes: Dark green on the outside and hazelish on the inside. Height: Dunno Weight: Forgot Where I live: Simcoe, Ontario. Small town. I know. That's where I was born (obviously). But, my oldest brother, Sean, was born in Calgary, Alberta. And my other brother who's just one year older than me, was born in London, Ontario. Fav. show:I LOVE COTT. My fav. characters are Archie and Atlanta. They are so cute together. Other Shows: 6teen , 8 simple rules, thats so Raven, life with Derek, the suite life of Zack and Cody, fairly odd parents, spongebob,di-gata defenders and family guy, Loonatics, Boy Meets World, I can't think of any othe shows I like. Fav. singers/music: Cascada, Hillary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Kelly Clarkson, Billy Talent(only like Red Flag), Cheetah girls, Rihianna, Sum 41, Simple plan, Fallout Boy, Dj Sammy, Green Day, All American Rejects, Aly & AJ, and thats about it. Oh ya and High School Musical songs. Fav. movies: Shes the man FUNNY LOVE IT!! Mean girls ALSO FUNNY!! Napolean Dynamite FUNNY!! Grudge, Kicking and Screaming FUNNY TOO!! (You can tell I'm a comedy fan, I like scary movies too!) Scary movie 1,2,3 THOSE ARE HILARIOUS!! Stewie Griffin the untold story THAT IS SO FUNNY!! Spongebob movie, thats funny too but not as funny as the rest, Cheetah girls 1 and 2, and thats all I can think of. Movies I want to see: Scary movie 4, Benchwarmers, Grudge 2, Hills have eyes, and thats about it. I also have 2 annoying, mean, stupid, retarded, older brothers. When they get on my nerves, ugh, GOD KILL ME NOW!! The only brother I like is Sean, my oldest one. Hes annoying too, but hes nicer than Colin who is a year older than me.........................I'M THE YOUNGEST!!!!XD. And it sucks! Anybody out there feel my pain of being the youngest? :( I got a really funny story. Okay. Last night, on Nov. 14/06 my family and I went to the Barrel for supper and before we left the restaraunt, Sean was looking around our table looking for those wet napkin things. And he called them "wipeys". LOL! I laughed so hard! Here's some stories I hope you'll look forward to- One More Night The gang finally defeated Cronus but it doesn't mean that everything is going to be okay. Since they defeated Cronus, they all have to separate and go back home. Unfortunately, Archie and Atlanta were going steady while Cronus was still there and they have to separate. All they ask for is One More Night. Behind These Hazel Eyes A one-shot thing based on Atlanta and who she really is. Shes not who you think she is. Cold Fire Sequel to "I Can't Stand It". Ever since Atlanta broke up with Archie, she doesn't feel so good. She isn't sick, she just doesn't feel right, she doesn't feel herself. Does she miss Archie? Secret of Love Sequel to "I Can't Stand It" and "Cold Fire" Atlanta finally realized shes not Atlanta without Archie and she wants him back. But theres issues. Is it too late? Does Archie have another girl? Does he not want her? I Miss You Sequel to "One More Night" A/A had their night and were separated in the other story. They just can't stand not seeing each other and realize that they miss each other more than they thought. And they try to find a way to see each other again. Magic Summer Night Archie and Atlanta have a special night that will change their relationship forever. Always On My Mind For some strange reason, Atlanta can't stop thinking of Archie and she also thinks that she loves him. Shes just not sure. A Girl Like Me Atlanta is engaged to Archie and has never been so happy in her life. But she doesn't understand why Archie fell in love with her in the first place. Best Time of the Year and the Best Time of My Life It's finally Christmas and Archie wants to get her something special and also try to say 'I love you'. Little does he know, that Atlantas doing the same thing. All the titles of these stories have something in common, except for Cold Fire and Best Time of the Year and The Best Time of My Life. Know what they are? In Progress: I Wanna Be With You I Can't Stand It Us Against The World I'll try to update on those as soon as I can. Okay? I already have chapter 3 for "I Wanna Be With You" and "I Can't Stand It". I'll put them up when I can get a chance. P:S-That isn't my e-mail address, but once I get my own, I'll let you know okay? My OOC's or OC's (which one is it when you make up your own character?) for the story I'm going to be working on soon called, "Amigas Cheetahs". Name: Chanel Age: 15 Birthday: February 27th (my birhtday!) Nationality: Spanish Hair: Very dirty blonde Eyes: Dark brown, almost black Clothes: A hot pink spaghetti strapped tank top with black jeans with a red flowers designing their way up to her hips on both sides, she also has original white sneakers with a locket necklace that she is mysteriously very protective of. She also has round earrings that are cheetah patterned. Attitude/Personality: A spunky, sweet, average teenage girl. When most people look at her they think she's not very tough and only likes being nice. But they are so WRONG! This teenage girl can be pretty tough if she wants/needs to. Surprisingly, she used to be friends with Atlanta, Galleria and Aqua for so long, they were in the same playgroup together, but Atlanta was separated when she was young. They like to give each other nicknames. Atlanta and Aqua like to call her "Chuchi" because she can speak a different language than any of them and Chanel, Aqua (next person), and Galleria (person after Aqua) all like to call Atlanta "DoReMi" because (made this up) she is probably the best hip hop dancer ever! And her girls want her to teach her tango (they already know hip hop. They were in the same class together but Atlanta was practicing on it more), which she also knows and is very good at. Name: Aquanetta Age: 15 Birthday: August 17th Nationality: Just plain english Hair: Dark brown. Eyes: Light brown Clothes: A black t-shirt with a white jean skirt that goes just above her knees with a cheetah patterned belt. She also has golden high heels. Attitude/Personality: She is definately the fashion girl of the group (Atlanta, herself, Chanel). She is faithfuly, loyal and wants to be a fashion designer when she gets older. She loves nothing more than a good fashion magazine, a sowing machine and some chocolate. Her and her three best friends are always doing stuff together. It's like they're the only friends each one of them has! What do her girls like to call her? "Aqua"! They haven't really decided what her nickname's gonna be. Yes her two best friends are Chanel, Galleria and Atlanta, but her other best friend is......well.....the mall! Name: Galleria Age: 15 Birthday: November 23rd Hair: Black Eyes: Very dark brown Nationality: Again, plain English Attitude/Personality: She can be playful, she can be nice, she can be grumpy, but she's never mean. Galleria is the serious-we-have-to-rehearse-24/7 type of girl. Right when her friends get off the stage, that's when Galleria tells them their rehearsal schedule and tells them when to rehearse. To this girl, there's no such thing as relaxing or taking a break. But if the girls are really tired out then she can have mercy and give them a break. She may be serious, like Jay, but she also has a heart of gold at most times. Her nickname? "Bubbles"! All work and no play will make Bubbles a dull girl. Sure all the girls (counting Atlanta) have different personalities but they all have one dream. They all want to become a pop stars but sing in a group of three. They all like to sing and dance together and they hope that one day their dream will come true. But there's a few twists. Will Aqua help them fulfill their dream? Or will she let her passion for fashion get in the way? And can Atlanta help her and her friends or is there no time for each other because of Cronus? And, how is she gonna tell them? Aqua is going to be my OC for my stories that are going to have OC in them, except for "Amigas Cheetahs". Jess:)
  • For Better or For worse

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    Archie and Atlanta have gotten closer over the past year and a half. But they're just friends though, right? Well thats what they think. But what happens when a new girl comes to the school and is ...

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  • I Can't Stand It

    by JessieLD746 0 Reviews

    Archie and Atlanta are dating but Archie's gone too far with his loss of memory and other silly mistakes. Atlanta thought it was funny at first but now, it just pulled her last nerve. Archie then ...

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  • Another You

    by JessieLD746 12 Reviews

    A one-shot tear jerker, you might cry just to tell you. Atlanta is dead and Archie can't take it. The guys tell him to get another girl (as in best friend. Weren't dating. Sry), but he says the sam...

    Category: Class of the Titans - Rating: G - Genres: Drama, Romance - Characters:  - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2006/12/26 - Updated: 2006/12/26 - 1797 words - Complete


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