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I agree with Dragonrunt that those were more important than ratings, but I was TRYING to be positive and not seem ungrateful, even if I wound up comming accross as a backhanded compliment.

e-mail alerts and search/filter are critical features to any fanifc site. The ratings are just unecessary fluff.
Maybe I was a bit harsh, but it's been months and the lack of any response from the admins to repeated requests about these functions is wearing very thin.
I would realy like more attention to be spent on fixing the remember me thing on log in and the email alerts. The email alerts is a must. Its no good to subscribe to a fan fiction if you aren't getting told if it is being updated. As for remember me thing on login, it wasn't working after the upgrade. Then it got fixed, then it broke again... I don't know what is up with that...
(quote)Jiltanith Ratings?
The last two times I've tried to rate new chapters, only the negative rating side was clickable! (Oh, and the points refilled last week on Saturday night, not Sunday night . . .)(end quote)

I'm have this problem as well. Only the negs. appear to working, and on a piece that I like too. Rotten timing.
I've gone ahead and pulled all my stories from this site. My patience has run out. Ficwad has been having serious problems of one sort or another for over a year now, and it doesn't look like there's going to be a comprehensive fix any time soon. I'm not going to wait for forever, and there are other fanfiction sites out there.
I agree with Dragonrunt the search/filter functions for the archives are the most
important with out them we are searching stories that we do not care about.
I'm with HRT on this one. Bye-bye Ficwad. This was such an interesting concept, it's said to see it go down the drain.
looks like the ratings are being messed up again. THey aren't properly deducting the points immediately anymore, and it's possible to go below zero, where it resets to 255. Also, story ratings are occasionally being messed up again like before.
Ratings Broken Just Differently
I now see the ratings Button and go there, but even for a Story Rated "0" and "unrated" all the GOod ratings are desabled. Only Bad Ratings are available, so there is still work to be done.

Exxample: The Acts of Betrayl (Harry Potter).
Front page ratings
The front page ratings summary code is still broken. Case in point, http://www.ficwad.com/story/80186, clell's "The Acts of Betrayal", where the HP-most-recent listing shows "0 unrated" but every chapter carries a +5.

If you've been carrying a separate rating for the story-as-a-whole apart from the chapter ratings, you should probably combine it with the chapter ratings for the listings, so the occasional whole_rating isn't lost, but isn't misleading either. Something like...

disprating = whole_rating + average(chapter_ratings[]);
disprating = min(disprating, 5);
disprating = max(disprating, -5);