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admin still alive? (contact does not work - change of username)
hey, sorry if this has been up before, but i've written too many mails to the admin and i never get an answer.
is there another email -adress you should write to? does anybody know anything?
help is highly appreciated.
At the bottom, the name given for the site control is K&D Lynch. If someone is skilled enough, they may be able to find out who that is and try to contact them that way, or someone could figure out how to take over the site and get things to where they ought to be.
ah, yes, i see the name. it's probably not easy to find that out... and i don't think one can just take over a website without the authorisation from the one who set it up in the beginning... but i don't know; not a hacker ;-)

if the admin should read this: i've send another mail to you - i'd like to offer a helping hand, if you need it.
just saw that 'Kemayo' apparently is the admin/another admin (http://www.ficwad.com/author/3) in here too - anybody tried to contact him/her through the msn, icq and other contact possibilities on the profile? i have neither...

Kemayo has mentioned elsewhere that he views Ficwad as "that thing which people complain to me about" (which, looking at this forum, seems about right tbh), and that he ignores it now.

He's also got a pretty timewastey Real Life and job, so if I were to come to a conclusion, it'd be that this site is abandoned, and it likely still exists either for the sake of keeping a mid-sized archive online, or because it'd be more hassle to actually take it off the server.
you're probably right.

it would be nice, if he could somehow let someone else take it over though, if that's possible...

oh well.