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Some suggestions and questions
Hello. First off, I'd like to say that I like this site so far. But I do have some questions/suggestions.

I'd love to post the current original work in progress I'm working on, but I'm iffy about posting it online without it being protected. Is there something you can do to make it so that stories people post can be seeable only by registered members? If not, then I'll have to stick to posting my other writing.

My suggestions were for the message board. Maybe have a section for resources where people can post links to message boards and web sites? Also maybe have a section for people to post links to wherever else they post their writing, like Livejournals. Maybe a section for 'writing pals' where people can ask for people to help co-write or edit their writing and stuff.

Anyway, those are my suggestions for future features of the site.
This is a very nice site, but there is one problem. If I am on my cell phone and try to check my account it won't let me log in. It would be cool to be able to check your stories from your cell phone if you don't have access to a computer.