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There amazing anyone who thinks different go and listen to there music
First off, your English sucks.

Secondly, not every one likes listening to a band of whiny, sniveling, self-aggrandizing cutters bitch and moan about shitty childhoods and that chick who decided she'd rather bang the jock. (Not because he was a jock, per se, but because he had a bigger schlong. And didn't wear girl-pants. And could pick up more than he could with those skinny girl-arms.) The list goes on.

And yet, not all of their music is like that. You're entitled to your opinons as we are to ours.
PEOPLE! There shall be no hatred in this forum! I mean c'mon! Yeah sure My Chemical Romance is an awesome band, but so is Avenged Sevenfold, Fall Out Boy, Black Veil Brides... I've got a friend who thinks MCR is a group of emos with no life. And she likes Justin Bieber. but we agreed to keep our thoughts to ourselves.

I dislike Haters

And here's another thing. Why bother commenting on something you hate Maquao? It gives us more reason to dislike you
Oh gosh more cry brats who need to cry about music they don;t like?

Maquao If you need to talk crap about REAL fucken music then it is a shame. I wonder whats in your music listings. Justin Beiber. Hanana montana?

Go get a life and stop being jeolous of realy music.

Stop the hating. MCR is the greatest Music I have ever heard.
I would go more along the lines of HateBreed, Insomnium, Suicide Silence...etc etc. Not the whiny little bitches that try to scream, but bands that can ROAR.
Oh nice, you have some good music tastes, Maquao. That's real music, not the posers who cry about life but never have the common decency to put themselves out of the rest of the worlds misery.

And btw Killjoy, your English sucks, too, so we're going to have to put you into the illiterate MCR file...thanks for sharing your crappy tastes in music and even crappier opinions, we appreciate your input.
Why would you bother to comment on a post about a band you clearly don't like? Suicide Silence are not a band I enjoy listening to so I wouldn't go out of my way to post a comment on a thread about them. My Chemical Romance are my favourite band but that doesn't mean at all that all of my music taste is in the same vein- I'll listen to virtually anything aside from the obvious and happen to love hardcore/heavy metal/ screamo or whatever you want to call it. I can actually do hardcore vocals myself. So yeah, hating is bad.
god what if the fucking point of hating! really, i agree with dying halo9 why waist your time commenting about something you hate. the music industry is huge so go the bit you acculally like and fucking stay there ok! we dont wont to hear you bitching about bands that we love so do listen to whatever music you like and go fucking comment on how amazing you think they are instead of this bitching, its a waist of time. you dont see alot of us bitching about whatever music you like do you. no! so fuck off we dont want to hear it!
I do hope you know what you're playing with Maquao. My Chemical Romance have a massive fanbase that have supported the band through thick and thin.
Yes, i undestand that you dislike My Chemical Romance. But there is still no need to be Homophobic. There is also no need to be Judgemental about people who listen to My Chem'. People listen to this band for many justified reasons. And you don't know that these reasons are. So don't go off saying this and that about a band that has saved so many lives. And don't go off acting like you know what these people are going through.
You can call me an emo/. You can call me /ugly and /fat/. But that doesn't stop me from being who i am. I won't change. Not for/because of people like you. And you shouldn't want me to.
I'm HelloKitty. I am Unique. Yes, i've been through depression and bullying. But My Chem were the light at that gloomy tunnel. I may not be perfect. But i am me. That's all i want to be.
Suicide is the easy way out.
Gerard Way taught me that no matter how bad life gets you've got to keep /pushing/ on/. And you should /never give up, he will always be there for us. Though his music. Mind. Or even through the weird stuff he says.
So, do not say mean things about stuff you know Nothing about.
''I'm Gerard Way. I survived. You can too.''- Gerard way.

I'm HelloKitty. I survived. - HelloKitty.