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Hello all, I'm a newbie here. :) I'm addicted to fan fic. And to keep myself protected I've decided to introduce myself as Nina. So that's what you can call me. It's not that I'm ashamed of my fan fictions. It's just that most writers don't go by their real name. They always make up some fake name and that becomes their writers name. So I want to be hardcore too. haha, Silly? Yeah but if I gave out my real name and someone were to find it I know I'd be criticied beyond belief. So to keep the drama away yeah, you get the point. Anyways, I live in TX. And I'm in my early 20s. I usually write fanfics when I cant sleep. I suffer from insomnia every now and then. So it helps pass time. Anything else you'd like to know, just ask. Please ready my newly added story. It can be found under the anime samurai champloo. Thanks and all that lovely stuff. :)
Welcome. And, not everyone makes up a name to use. Some of us actually use our real names or nicknames. Unbelievable, no?
No. I mean like the famous writers. haha. But it's cool.
Heh. A funny thing about names... We tend to try on a few before we find one that fits.

Some years ago, I posted a story to a Sliders archive. A few years later, I decided to round out my brand-new fanfiction.net account with some of my old stories. A while later, my Sliders story was deleted for plagiarism. The person who'd reported it didn't know that both authors were me!

Ever since, I put my real name in my 'fics, just in case.
Crazy. I have no plans on changing this nickname. I use it for all my fanfic stories. And the name Nina really is a nickname of mine. So it's not like I'm compleatly lying to everyone here. You know? I'm not trying to be anal about the whole situation or anything. It's just like I said before; some people with nothing better to do with their lives tend to start drama. With anything. I tend to keep everything seperate for some reason. But I won't mind giving out the screen name I use to chat or whatever else to anyone who asks. I just want to keep everything in it's own place. It's easier for me that way. And since I have written a lot of fan fics before I decided that writelove would be a good sn and email to use. I was going to use it as my official email and what not. But I've changed my screen names so many times before due to stalkers and what not, I had promised everyone I wouldnt change it again. So here I am with this name meant for nothing more than my fan fics. :) It seems to fit. Because I love to write. Plus I was trying to be unique. Eh, whatever.
I mucked around a bit before deciding to stick with my own. However, lately, I have toyed with trying on a new one. It is irritating, though, to see too many changed. One site I belong to, my favourites change names like underwear. I cannot keep up with who is who. And, mine is fairly unique in my fandom, as everyone else wants to use elvish names. Besides, my elvish name is the main character in my story, so that sounds too much like an MS. Not interested in giving them fuel for the fire. LOL
At least they change their underwear, Rous. With anime fans ...well, the stereotype has to get there somewhere.
Um, one reason to not write anime???? LOL No, I have no idea what the fandoms are in anime. That is why I stick to LOTR and originals. Well, I may try Pern. And, I have some ideas for the Foreigner fandom. And, I have checked with that author; she does not particularily care for fanfic, but will not forbid it as long as it does not get nasty. The site I was referring to changing so much is actually a poetry site. The changers are usually aged 9-16. They cannot seem to make up their minds.
"Um, one reason to not write anime?"

No. Anime writing tends to be pretty good because of all that uncanny continuity, which, thankfully, seems to have spread to other media over the past ten years or so.

I've been wondering about Ms. McCaffery's position on fanfiction. Do you know where I can find her words verbatim?

Rumor has it that she threatens to sue anyone who depicts dragons that even loosely resemble hers. It reminded me of when White Wolf sued Sony over the movie "Underworld," which they claimed had seventy points of unique commonality with their gaming universe. ...some of these points were "vampires can be harmed by sunlight," and "werewolves can be harmed by silver."
I do not remember where it is posted that she will allow fanfic of Pern, but it cannot be OOC. Slash is okay if the characters would be homosexual, as there are hints of such with the blue riders, but not concerning the other characters. My reference to talking to the author was about C.J. Cherryh. I e-mailed her myself to let her know how much I enjoyed her books and to ask about fanfic. I am very interested in the Company Wars series. Well, and the Foreigner series.

Underworld. LOLOL It is a big secret that vampires die in sunlight, and werewolves are allergic to silver. Did they sue 'Blade' also? Or, 'Dracula', or any of the myriad of other vampire movies out? How about the ones released before computer games? Do they have the corner market on those also?

And, I have seen and read other books with dragons, so Ms McCaffrey does not have that market sewn up either. That is the strongpoint of anime, you can pretty well tell where it originated. If I want to write a sweeping epic about kings and evil and dwarves and fairies, do I have to be worried about C. Tolkien and New Line Cinema? Like they invented the genre.

I did not mean to imply anime is not well written. My comment came from the underwear comment. I really have no idea how it is written, as I have never read any. I just assume that there is very well written stuff, and extremely sucky stuff, just like in the other fandoms. The Nazgul know that there is enough bad LOTR fanfic out there. It is not a unbelievable jump to guess the same is true for the rest.