Review for Harry's Second Chance

Harry's Second Chance

(#) Lira_Snape 2006-06-29

Wow! Brilliant chapter! Love what you did to Pansy!!!!
As it's obviously Harry behind the rewards, why are Dumbledore and Moody so convinced it couldn't have been him? And where did they really get the money from? And how did they get the whole thing past Moody?
And was Harry (or his friends) behind the attack on MacNair?
Grand chapter! Can't wait to see what's next! - Btw, why were you in so much of a hurry to post those two chapters early before going back to your usual schedule?

Author's response

Harry killed Mcnair and is, of course, behind the posters. They don't believe it's him in part because of the level of ruthlessness and in part because the money to so over the top. Where it came from is partially explained at the end of this chapter and in more detail in the next.

As for the other question, I suppose I just like this chapter a lot and wanted it out there!