Review for Burn, Baby, Burn!

Burn, Baby, Burn!

(#) jedielfsorcerer 2007-08-19

i love the idea of harry being a pyro. keep it up. i think that you could write a story of where harry learns that he could control fire just like in this stories. but it is one story. get what i mean? i hope so. anyway, have harry find out that he is a pyro (fire elemental?) and practice it everyday. i bet he could get his 'family' in line? ha ha ha!!! and harry would be dark but not evil. i think that he wont be friends with the weasley's except for the twins. and maybe for bill and charly. study partner with granger. i think that he should get his own house. and he gets his own familiar thats a snake fire elemental. that would be cool! just an idea that you could use.