Review for Harry's Second Chance

Harry's Second Chance

(#) selenepotter 2006-07-09

I have greatly enjoyed your 6th year fics. HBP has put a real damper on fics. Many people, you and I included have reacted to this by writing time travel fics.
This is a good one!
I look foreward eagerly to the next chapter!

Author's response

I did do one Year 7 fic, but I couldn't do any more (and when you consider how many year 6 fics I did, that's says a lot) -- I really will be suprised in Rowling can really make book 7 more than an extended D&D novel. The ONLY thing I really liked about HBP were the Horcruxes. If I write any more complete HP before book 7 comes out, they will also be 'reset' stories like this one. Perhaps one where Harry goes back to the Marauders' era instead of his own past, or perhaps (for this site) a nice Harem/one year reset tale.

Or who knows, maybe Rowling is a marketing genius, since we can't easily extend canon now!