Review for Harry's Second Chance

Harry's Second Chance

(#) brad 2006-07-12

As always I enjoy the political slant/thread to your story. Amusing and clever to see how the magical communities are forced to make laws which 'spelled the end of any large dark movements in their territories ever again'. And in particular I think it's entirely feasible for many of the pure-bloods to abandon the half-blood Tom Riddle. Let the DEs - those that stayed - be revealed to be more interested in violence and power for themselves rather than possessing altruistic ideals for the betterment of the wizarding world.

I was surprised that Harry didn't even let Hermione in on his plan.

What is the significance of Nott being one of the higher-valued DEs? I really must have a bad memory ... did he do something in this story (against Hermione?) that I've already forgotten? (sorry!)

And we have a looming threat against Harry, courtesy of Ted Nott. It's probably about time to introduce some tension, Harry seems to have had it all going his way for the last few chapters.

Author's response

Harry didn't want Hermione to object to giving the elves extra work, even though they loved it. As for Nott, he's been a minor pain-in-the-butt. Had one of Pansy's parents been Marked, they would have had a much higher reward.

As for the Volde/Nott plot, you just know it's going to backfire in this story, right? Poor Harry, he's just a guy who wants to enjoy his vaction when Volde strikes. . . . (in case anyone has read a story called 'Make a Wish')