Review for Grab A French Model, Of Course!

Grab A French Model, Of Course!

(#) Cateagle 2007-09-28

-snicker-, -chortle-, -guffaw- Ghod, I love that story. I can just see Harry doing that, too. A follow-up, some years later, of Harry & Draco's home life would be a howl, I'd imagine, esp. if they made arrangements to carry on their houses one way or another (I'm thinking of hired hetarae though other means are plausible - I shudder at the thought of mpreg, though).

It's the kind of goodbye I've wanted to give a few places, a quick round of telling the unvarnished truth and then "AMF" (Adios MF's).

Author's response

Very happy you like it!
You know, I could almost see that... Hmm.
And don't we all just want to tell people we dislike what we really think of them?
Thanks for the review!