Review for Stop. Rewind. Replay

Stop. Rewind. Replay

(#) clutsy_93 2007-10-28

Hahahahhaah, reviewing for both chapters...

wow! haha, such a cute couple. or friends?
lol . . hahah she got called a wimp, don't worry I am too when it comes to horrors don't watch them at ALL.

Chapter seventeen.
Awwwww, lol I start my reviews with that A LOT.
So cute . . haha, shes not my girlfriend, says Mikey ;)

well glad she sorted things out with Mia, but seriously how twisted was Mia, that was hell primary school.!!

Update Soon

Author's response


"Best friends. Ex friends to the end. Better off as lovers but not the other way around." ahem I listen to too much Fall out Boy.
Yeah, I've watched one horror movie. From behind a pillow.

Yeah, you do. But I think awwwww is good. Yes?
Well he's not her boyfriend. As I used to say he's her friend boy. (long story. Don't ask.)

Mia's a popular cheerleader who's probably kissed most of the boys in the school. What can I say?

I'll try