Review for Harry Potter and Merlin's Reaper

Harry Potter and Merlin's Reaper

(#) DarkeGray 2007-11-02

Wow, a 3rd chapter in the same day? Amazing. Anyways, I loved it of course. I was wondering when you were going to bring Tonks in and I was dreading that you were going to bring her in on Riddle's side. Too bad for her, I was really hoping she would be another girl saved by Harry. Anyways Shack got what he deserved, poetic justice to be killed by his own secret weapon. As for the Harry/Susan relationship, I liked how it started out, with Susan having a crush on the first guy to treat her like a normal girl and everything, but I have to admit I am a die-hard H/Hr shipper. Even though I totally agree with the Hermione/Prince William relationship. I think this Hermione has been too scarred by wizards to ever truly trust one. As for the resistance, I do hope they come around eventually, I also wonder who else is involved with the Resistance, you have mentioned Luna, Nevile, Flitwick, McGonagall, Amelia Bones, Poppy and Vector, but who else is involved? Anyways, the addition of the Weasley twins is nice, and maybe having two guys to wear out should satisfy Fleur for the most part. I also have to wonder, how much damage is Harry really doing? I mean if Riddle does truly control the world, is doing a little damage and killing a handful of Death Eaters in Britain really doing anything other than pissing Riddle off? Anyways, good chapter, I can't wait to see more.


Author's response

Well as far as the chapters go I've been writing this weekly at for a while now, I just made up for my short chapter by grouping them in 10k word bundles to get them on ficwad... I'm caught up now, so it's slowing down.

I orignially intended this to be (like most of my fics) Harry/Hermione, but after I set the tone for Hermione's survival, there is no way in hell she would ever trust him enough for a relationship... She has been done to by violent men and harry is just another violent man... My version of William (V, not IV damnit) is a heretary leader of violent men, not violent himself (plus 3 years younger than she)

I mentioned the resistance members I needed. I've got an org chart somewhere on my desk with everyone, maybe I'll dig it out and post it like the timeline...

Harry is realizing that he isn't doing any real damage. The Twins struck the first substancial blow with Tonk's corpse. It's Normal Humans who are going to supply the means of taking the wizards out... but it will take harry to do it.