Review for Harry Potter and the Army of Ages

Harry Potter and the Army of Ages

(#) Cateagle 2007-11-07

Heh, it's been quite a hectic couple days for Tracey as all her preconceived notions about Harry have been stood on end; it's a wonder she hasn't gotten a whiplash from the paradigm shift.

The Order meeting was more amusing than anything else as it appears they've yet to realize just how the power is shifting and just -who- set this shift up. I suspect Dumbles is foing to find himself flummoxed when he does find out how far back these preparations go.

I did like Fleur's support of Harry and it'll be interesting to watch Bill try and work back into her graces for Dumbles. Somehow, I don't think he's going to have much success until he starts seeing reality, not Dumbles' imitation thereof.

I reckon the opportunity for a lemon will occur between the "now" in story time and the wedding, or at least on the wedding night. ;) I reckon that she's going to be surprised on that count, too.

Finally, I do have to ask if the objection to some of the Weaseleys and Hermione is something they've done, possibly at Dumbles' direction or something else?