Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) hopeanne 2007-11-11

This was sad.
Like really sad.
I know it wasnt like a sad scene,nothing bad happened but it was overall just sad to watch. You could really feel Skys pain at being excluded but on the flip side shes afraid to speak up cause it would make her look I dunno patethic? whiney? that like she wants to be included... Its a hard emotion and you portrayed it really well. Sometimes its hard to ask people for what we want cause its like that little voice thats like 'youre being selfish' But I dont know. I liked how you made her say like that he was happy signing shit and what not. But I dont trust her. Like she said he was happier doing that then he was on their date and I dont believe that. Im hoping that since that this is just in her pov that shes wrong, that shes over reacting and just doesnt see how happy she makes him. But if not then theyre in trouble.
And I liked the contrast to Mikey's date! that was good.
And I love how you do those word plays on the names! Liz and Alessa?
Alesskey! thats funny.

Author's response

i know what you mean! you pick up on sooo many things!