Review for The Acts Of Betrayal

The Acts Of Betrayal

(#) Cateagle 2007-11-14

chuckle Aw, poor Draco and Snape are now finding that Harry's suddenly in a position to use their rules against them; that's gotta hurt. More to the point, I think it's great he's using the rules, and the Headmaster's previous actions, against him in a way he can't refute.

I liked how Hermione has come to terms with what happened with Ron and is now quite willing to be fully open in her intimate relationship with Harry.

I reckon Ginny's just starting to have reason to worry with what Harry and Hermione have told the other Gryffindors; I rather suspect Minerva is going to be -even- more displeased. If Ginny was to channel Tom, this is the point where she shifts all the blame onto Ron, her mother, and Dumbles and tries to skate out of it; I don't think she's quite that devious or quick thinking.

The newspaper articles were amusing and I look forward to seeing Neville's reaction to his situation. I suspect a certain wry and rueful attitude, likely followed by moving as swiftly as he can to shore up and strengthen his relationship with Hannah before some scheming witch can come between them.

The conclusion of how Tom reacted to Dumbles' meddling was illuminating and I wonder how long it will be before Tommy-boy contacts Harry with an offer of alliance; I can't see Harry buying it, but I can sure see him using that as a further bludgeon on Dumbles; esp. when he finds out how Voldemort arose out of Tom Riddle. Letting that information out could really stir things up; too, imagine Ginny's reaction if Harry tells her she's "getting off light" compared to what happened to the gal the last time Dumbles tried this stunt.

The interview with Minerva is undoubtedly going to stir up all sorts of repurcussions and such. I wonder how much Ron and Ginny will enjoy having 'most all their House, including the Head of House, thoroughly upset with them? Methinks it's not going to be a pleasant ride for them. Too, I doubt that the interview is going to present anything but trouble and suffering for Albus, good for him. ;)

He'll end up facing Dumbles and Tommy together? It should be interesting to see where the temporary alliances develop in that confrontation, if any. An arguement could be made for Harry in either direction that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" and the big question may come down to "Who does Harry hate and despise more?"

Oh, I get the feeling that Tonks is going to be out of action for a while. I've never seen Madame Bones as anything but opposed to illegal nonsense by her Aurors or by -anyone- in her office. I daresay the enquirey into Tonks' actions is not going to help Dumbles' position with the Wizgamot, either.

Author's response

Hermione's 'healing' has come along all to quickly, but in the sense that the story needs to move along, I'm living with it.

The Weasley's treatment by the rest of the school will be examined next chapter...

Neville is going to be publicly less than pleased with the Teen Witch Weekly article... Privately, a little ego stroking never hurts. Hannah is going to be less pleased, but for an entirely different reason, and I've got a silly little twist in mind.

To my mind, Tom never had the motivation for his behavior, at least not beyond JKR's infantile "He was born evil". Other than the french, people aren't born evil.

Well, as for who Harry hates more, all Tom has done it try to kill him...

Life is going to be unpleasant for tonks... Especially when mummy finds out what she has done.