Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) Teresa 2007-11-16 the story of Osiris and Set involves a horocrux in this universe. That's an intersting way of explaning not only the rivalry between them but Osiris's survival. The correspondence between Harry and Hermione is an excellent way of showing the bond that they share. I like how you are using it to build a stronger connection through friendship, studying, and sympathy. I hope that Hermione has an oppourtunity at some point to meet Harry's teachers, I think she'd like to thank them for helping him and she'd probably love to hear their perspective on history, culture and magic. The same goes for Dobby. That's one thing that bothered me in the canon version; given Hermione's habit of research it troubled me that she's never seen asking the elves for their perspective or finding out if there were any written references on them. Of course, Ron's going to be quite put out at some of the changes in Harry, and if he thinks that he's being shown up by either of them he'll have a tantrum. I'm looking forward to seeing how Dumbledore and company deal with Harry now knowing of his new teachers and allies! But as always Dr. T you are writing an excellent and intriguing story, and I await the next chapters with pleasure!

Author's response

Thanks! I'm glad folks are enjoying the fic so far