Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) Palt 2007-11-17

Another excekkent chapter. I really like the 'old ones' and enjoy learning more about them. I also appreciate that you do not get bogged down by explaining every single curse Harry learns. Things are moving along nicely.
I have read many a story where Harry is told he is holding back due to his upbringing (and I agree). I hope you will be the rare writer that actually follows through on the idea that if he's encouraged, he will realize this is true and have a brekthrough. I don't mind that he relies on Hermione as a friend. It bothers me greatly when he counts on her to do all his thinking for him.
Thank you again for your continued efforts. I just re-read 'Training and Confrontations', it still holds up (even though I hated the abrupt ending).

Author's response

Thanks. Glad you're enjoying the story And of course, in a retelling, I also shouldn't have to describe all of the Death Day party or how Harry outflies Draco in detail.