Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) jabarber69 2007-11-24

You just had to bring dumbydork's gay crap into this story didnt ya! I wonder why rowlings stated dumby was gay, in my opinion she realized that the series was over and soon nobody would even care one way or the other whatever she had to say so she decided to say that dumby was gay to stir up some waves!

On another note have you ever realized that most of the gay men stories on the net are written by women. Makes you wonder if maybe they like the ideal of men getting hammered up the bum!?!

I'm not gay, I'm a guy that very much like women but I'm also a hyprocrite in that I really love watching and participating in two women together, but then again I do know some gay men, work with them and have drunk beers with them after work. I have even read some gay stories on hp on the net, only the ones that look interesting in the summaries.

Have you also notice by any chance that there are one hell of a lot of outstanding stories on hp on the net but sadly they are slash! I have nothing against gay people I just dont like watching or reading two guys kissing or having sex, but then again I realize that there are gay people who probably dont like all the straight sex stories on the net too! so there is my little rant you can read it or not its strictly up to you!

P.S. great story by the way!