Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) Cateagle 2007-12-01

-chuckle- I loved the response of Nicholas to Dumbles; Dumbles arrogance is going to cost him plenty in the long run. His choice, his payment; though I doubt he expected the cost to be so high.

I see Lucius has set things in motion with the diary. I wonder if -this- Harry will recognize it as soon as he sees it and finds a way to deal with it at Hogwarts before things get so messed up.

I loved the way Jason was explaining matters to Hermione's mother. I'm sure that'll go a long way toward helping her parents cope later.

I keep wondering if Harry will get another owl or will get something else as a familiar and trusted message carrier? I could see him getting one that could respond to parseltongue, that'd make for some interesting scenes.

Thanks for an interesting and enjoyable twist on things.

Author's response

I haven't decided about Harry getting another familiar, so will not rush it. As for Hermione, she and Harry will be close, but I haven't yet decided if they will do more than casually date for not. Again, I'm trying to leave trapdoors which will allow me to go in different directions.

Glad you liked the chapter!