Review for Blind Faith: Slytherin's Heir

Blind Faith: Slytherin's Heir

(#) whatareyouevensaying 2007-12-14

Outstanding update! It's great to see another chapter from you.

Neville and Dumbledore were disappointingly in-character, as always, and I'm intrigued about the current plot regarding the diary. Is it affecting both of them, or just one? I can't imagine Ginny being interested in Harry unless Tom put her onto him, after all. With Dumbledore still firmly backing Neville, she wouldn't see through that sort of thing without outside help.

Hopefully you aren't going to fully integrate DH into this story, particularly Snape's feelings for Lily. I think what you've got is so unique that you shouldn't tarnish it with too much canon.

Looking forward to more.