Review for The Slytherin Nest

The Slytherin Nest

(#) Alorkin 2007-12-19

Too many people believe Harry should always be a Gryffindor. I disagree. He has the characteristics of all the houses, and would do well in any of them. His Slytheirn nature is seen clearly in several places in canon, as is his Hufflepuff side. His Ravenclaw aspect is a bit understated, but that is to be understood, given the nature of his rearage and his friends. Hermione is, in canon, far to pushy and Ron, is lazy. Since Harry wants to remain Ron's friend, he adopts Ron's poor study habits. Not exactly a great way to go through school.

The difficulties he is to face in Slytherin may in fact make him 'the greatest of them all', however, one wonders if the sorting hat said something similar to a boy named Tom Riddle. In any case, I wonder if Slytherin is ready for Harry.

Author's response

I can't help but agree with you immensely about Harry! :]