Review for Innocence over Dentention

Innocence over Dentention

(#) tsuchi 2008-01-09

This story rocks so hard. I've never really thought about what Orochimaru was like when he was still a student, but I can totally see this happening. I wish I could rate it more thna once. Really. But I can't.

Author's response

Ah, wouldn't that be nice for me. Thanks for the review, as it lead me to your stories which basically made my night.

I have a slight fixation on Oro-chan as a teenager. The idea tickles a rib somewhere. I wrote another drabble about Oro as a sixteen year old. He just makes wonderful "past fic" fodder. I'm glad that you like this piece. I was uncertain about it. Oro/Jiraiya yaoi kept trying to intrude, but then wouldn't co-operate with the mood of the fic, and have to get cut. I felt the uncertainty of dancing on the edge between friendship (my original intent) and lust/twisted love (my secret popcorn of fandom) detracted from the story.