Review for And If I Were To Fall

And If I Were To Fall

(#) IWCT 2008-01-10

You. Are. An. Incredible. Writer. Love how you warp reality for your own purposes. And you have Naruto spot on, and yet stripped from the cornball-ness that usually accompanies him. I'd object to the characterization of Kakashi as not training Naruto because he wasn't Sasuke, but I realize that I'm reading through the Naruto filter, and he is only eleven years old, and not particularly perceptive when it comes to the underneath the underneath, which is where Kakashi stuffs all of his feelings, in any case. I hazard that Kakashi was too busy wallowing in guilt, and uncertainty, to really help Naruto. Anyway, I'm just amazed that you actually can write the cheery fox realistically, in the first place. There's a reason Naruto will not be showing up in any of my fics, just because I can't get into his skin. And secondly you handled Naruto-angst-mode better than I've ever seen it. Again, totally in character. Amazing, and with no jumping off the deep end of dark and twisted, shattered innocence, which is where most Naruto-angst-mode fics go. Great job.

PS. You also had me thinking that the identity of the traitor teammate was Kabuto for a while. Shows how well I remember the first adventure, I guess.

Author's response

(okay, this part goes for all four of your reviews, which I appreciate immensely. However, because I'm lazy, and tired, and want to go to bed - night shifts suck - I'm not only responding once. Thank you for reviewing. It's so nice to know that people acutally like my writing. Totally makes me want to write more. Go you! And - because I'm like that - me!)
Okay, now for the 'and if I were to fall' review response. Once again, thank you very much. It's strange but I think this is possibly the best review I've gotten for this story. You're the first person to disagree with my characterization of Kakashi. And question it. And guess(timate) why I made him into the little jerkwad Naruto sees him as. There are actualy three sort of sequels to this, which I didn't post here, becuase of a general lack of positive feedback, and even more general laziness. I have posted the first one of the three on fanfiction-dot-net, and other two are currently in the works. They have fight scenes. Which I suck at writing, and can't even get someone else to write for me. T.T Anyway, Sakura's point of view is up, and as soon as I finish them, I'll be posting Kakashi and Shino's points of view as well.
so, cheers! And thanks again.