Review for Kartong


(#) Vanir 2008-01-26

Not what i expected, but so much more. I agree with Nautilus, but personally, I'm not sure i could stand a novel-length fic in this style. The intensity would burn out my neurons.

I mean, I've seen her, met her so many times. It's not a comfortable thing to consider the little pastry as a human, a feeling entity. It's easier not to, as she's impossible to resist.

I saved this with the subtitle "Lav lies bleeding." The title was, as i said in a PM i hope you got, most apt.

Thank you.


Author's response

I know what you mean - she is unforgettable and unkeepable, no matter how much you want to do either. She is confused and hurt and hiding it, but she doesn't understand what she is and why she is unkeepable.
Dammit. I hadn't connected Lavender with her until now. Thanks. slams head against wall You know that my girlfriend will kill me and then kill you for reminding me if I start something up with her again, right?
slams head against wall
I didn't get a PM - actually, I didn't know Ficwad even has that feature. Cool. But can you tell me what it said?
And you're welcome. I had fun writing it. ...and I really liked it until I realized it's about HER. That means things that I wish it didn't.