Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) Genericrandom5 2008-01-26

Looks like the wrinkle you've added to explain young Tom's gaining of the knowledge of Horcruxes is pretty popular. I also agree that he's probably not gay. It wouldn't even surprise me to find out that he's generally asexual. Which would be amusing and fit my other opinion. I don't actually think he (or Voldemort if you count them as two people) are 'evil'. I think amorl is a much more accurate and likely description.

Some of the things he's done that are otherwise quite odd become perfectly logical if you look at him like that. Offering to spare Lilly, claiming he would bring Harry's parents back... sure, it could be that he just didn't want to be bothered, but "doing anything to achieve one's own ends" is ...fairly close to the dictionary definition of the word. Another of his statements, "there is no good and evil" is specifically indicative that he is specifically amoral, rather than actually evil.

Not a bad chapter aside from that awesome point, too. Lots of implications for the future.

There were a few spelling errors, though I can't recall where now. I think it may have been a 'word choice/usage' error that a spellchecker would miss, if that helps.