Review for The Savior of the Damned

The Savior of the Damned

(#) asherschick 2008-02-08

My mouth just hung open when I read the last line and I couldn't form any coherent thought for a moment. But reading the reviews, I have to agree with the Star Wars moment thing! Wow, who saw that coming, huh?

I swear this story just gets better and better with each chapter! You're rising up the level of suspense mercilessy and you leave us poor readers no other choice to bite our nails for days until the next chapter comes out!

I appreciate your supernatural-power-research. Now, I know you'll be able to describe those great powers in more detail and I'll have to wipe out the drool on my face every few seconds... The names of the Unknown - I would have researched every possible site to come up with those names xD Whatever, I do some research when I'm writing, too and it makes it much more fun because I actually feel like I'm not just making stupid things up but writing logical things.

Oh, and about the lyrics, I like them! Even if they're MCR's or else. (actually, I had firstly fallen in love with including lyrics in a chapter with your incredibly amazing stroy The Sharpest Lives :)) I think, they give the reader some insight to the chapter in the beginning. And they're lyrics, they have this great power that normal sentences formed with words sadly lack. So, well, keep them coming!!!

And now actually about the chapter. I loved that moment where Frank rubbed his hands together, grinning, asking Gee about his powers. That's such an impossibly cute, childish and Frankie-ish thing to do! And of course the intense almost-admission of feelings that came from Gerard. I could actually put myself in Frankie's place and my heart fluttered - except I might have hugged him after hehe xD

And the descriptions are awesome like always, you're slowly building an Undeworld in front of my eyes with basketball-sized-suns illuminating it...

I'm just confused whether the guys knew that Frank was Stratton's son and told Mikey not to take him there, or if there's something else he isn't ready to know about - like that woman calling him "Scorpio" (of course we think that Frankie is the savior of the damned but he doesn't know it, hehe, he's a bit slow xD

And I already despise Stratton for needling Gerard like that. And amazed that Mikey's one of the Unknown and also looking forward to the time when Mikey will stop being a pain in the ass embrace the real world - as well as his brother!

Okay, now I've gotta go!

Somebody had to end this madness of a review and it's my father asking me politely to get the hell away from the computer :D


Author's response

It took me ages to read your review (aside from it being long, which i LOVE xD) my parents and brother wouldn't stop coming in and bugging me! Lol

I'm glad you think it's getting better and better, because it's also getting harder and harder and i sometimes think i'm going to run myself into a dead end.

Since you're the only one that said anything about the lyrics, i'll listen to your opinion and continue with the lyrics. I'm so glad you liked The Sharpest Lives, by the way. It was my first story and i've very attached and in love with it ;)

Your review had me giggling like a little girl; maybe it was just the site of so many words or the idea that you took so much time to write it all. Whatever it is, thanks so much. I think we are now officially review and reading buddies haha xD

Thanks again!
< 33333333