Review for Hate letters.

Hate letters.

(#) _cranium_ 2008-02-15

it's sad she hates skyler so much. but is hse right? was the purpose of skyler olsen to bring kylie and gerard together?(hope i got skyler's name right, i can't believe i'm starting to forget YCKMB related stuff)
life is twisted. but if skyler only lived (and died) to make it possible for gerard to meet kylie then why are the both unhappy?
is skyler unhappy? is there unhappiness after death....

Author's response

some hard questions you asked there, I don't know if Sky's only purpose was to bring Kylie and Gee together, it might've been but why they aren't happy? Life isn't easy, even things that are meant to be take time and preparation and suffering so we would fully appreciate them.