Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) Wonderbee31 2008-02-23

For the head of the House of ambition and Cunning, Snape sure seems to be about as far from that as is possible at times. The thing is, unless Albus is ready and willing to back him over the life of Hermione, or anyone else, then this should be the end of him, I honestly can't see him living much longer after this. Pansy, she just reminds me of the soiled brat kid, a female version of Dudley, who seems to be unable to learn for any length of time. I'm sorry that she may have to die, but she seems that she will not go gently no matter what. Casn't wait for Hermione to wake up, and for Harry to talk with her, I'd hate to be Harry at that one moment.

Author's response

Well, Snape has a big mouth, but not any worse than usual. As for Pansy, well, we'll see what you think about her fate!