Review for Hard to Say

Hard to Say

(#) Xmisfit_beautyX 2008-02-24

here's the concept.
Bert has a daughter from a one night stand, but she lives with her mum. she still talks to him though and he visits when he can. she knows a lot of people cause of her dad including my chem - from when they were friends. the story is seen mostly from her point of view. she finds out that her dad has started crushing on Gerard again and he's phoned him and stuff. she's worried about Gee's marriage and her dad's hapiness.
can you write it? or will i try and get someone else cause i cant write it myself.

Author's response

I could give it a go
I'm not sure how it would turn out though
I don't do a lot of Bert/Gerard stuff, that was my first one really
I will try if I have time
though I can't promise anything