Review for Live Dangerously

Live Dangerously

(#) Badger 2006-07-29

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this. You've written it so well, that it's hard to tell who to sympathize with, and maybe that's what you intended. Reeve, for all his idealism and desire to make the world a better place, was apparently born into a world where he had money and sufficient food and all the amneties life could provide. Reno was born into a world where it was dog eat dog, where family and loyalty meant noting, and where you looked out for #1, and to hell with everyone else.

And which is closer to the truth? Reno's seen both sides; enough to not care that he killed Lord knows how many thousands of people by dropping the plate, because from his POV, they'd have done the same thing to him, given a chance. The worst moral dilema Reeve's ever faced is spying on AVALANCHE for Shinra-he's got a way to go before he starts sympathizing.

Interesting story and very well done.