Review for G. I. Joe - The Jersey Devil Encounter

G. I. Joe - The Jersey Devil Encounter

(#) ApplePie 2005-09-26

Interesting premise, I keep picturing the X Files episode...
If you're going to have an original character, how about some physical description? Don't assume that we've read other stories with them in it.
The only other thing I would say is tone down the phoenetic spelling of the owner's speech. It's hard to read. Then after sounding like a hick, he suddenly says, "We shall see." A bit jarring.

Author\'s Response: You're absolutely right about the physical description. This was technically not Crypto's first appearance, and I've been stingy on the descriptions because I thought I was starting to sound repetititve to myself as I proofread my work.Thank you for pointing out the glaring switch in the hick's language. Not being one myself, I do have to practice the right balance there.Actually, the fan fiction for me is just a crucible in which I shake out my style... to find that happy medium that will make my real manuscripts nearly perfect.Thanks for the review!