Review for Ecstacy


(#) Nightmare_angel 2008-03-19

I think this story is absolutely amazing! I love the new characters you added, and you pretty much kept all of the guys' characters in check, too!
I am really sorry to hear about your best friend and her tumor. My grandmother had ovarian cancer last year, but she is a survior now. She doesn't have her ovaries and stuff, but she's living a happy life like she was before. I have a best friend too, and if anything would happen to her...I would be so scared. I honestly don't even know if I would continue to write, but I hope you don't stop. You are such a good writer that you should write more often, and if I write, it usually helps me when I'm feeling down.

Remember if you face the sun, you will never see the shadows...I don't remember who said that originally but it always helps me stay happy...and they do have a point!

And I am sort of rambling over