Review for Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

(#) Random_Shinobi 2008-03-22

Honestly, this is getting far too OOC. I usually don't mind if people act a little OOC or even greatly so, as long as the reasons for it are explained. The problem is that you have given us absolutely no reason why they suddenly act so damn OOC.

Really, I'm starting to think that you simply get your kicks from old-fashioned Weasley bashing. It's never a good practice for an author to let his hatred of certain characters to shine through.

While I like Harry/Daphne pairing and dislike Weasleys, I don't think I can read this fic any longer.

Oh, and you seem to have some formatting problems with this chapter.

Author's response

- Of course they're OOC, at least from the perspective of canon. If they weren't then what would be the point of writing anything beyond the canon books?

- Bye.