Review for Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

(#) dennisud 2008-03-22


THANK GOD we can count on Ron to be an ass among asses!


Second even the most level haded can be taken in by lust and what is assumed love.

Now Harry has proclaimed her as his 'sister' and whereever you take this please don't let hermione end up with a cad or a goof! And by now Neville isn't either.

But I think I am highly awaiting Daphne's reaction to this new wrinkle!
Will she react like Cho and later Ginny, or will she see Harry's feelings for Hermione as genuine yet non threatening.

BTW Hope Ron' get the Wizard's equivilet of the clap, love to see his gonads dropping and falling down one of Hogwarts stairs!


P.s.- I AM still hoping for an eventual Trio but that's me!

Author's response

- Yeah, he's good for that.

-Like the title said, Smart Witch, Bad Choices...

- And Neville is off the Market (Hannah never struck me as one to share) No, no cads nor goofs. She's had enough of both. After her experience with Ron, she may swear off men for a while... Hmm, Luna's not doing anything...

- Daphne will react, and be surprised by her own reaction.

- I don't know about an attack of the Dragon Clap -or- Troll crabs (I wish I could remember what fic those delightful illnesses came from) But something might happen to Ron...

- No Trios.