Review for Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

(#) Geovanni_Luciano 2008-03-22

I'm rather enjoying your Ron right about now and would like to see where you go with it further. I would suspect that he only dated Hermione, here to sow his wild oats to be prepared for a nice pureblooded wife. My question is, with Harry not being dead and not showing any interest in Ginny, why is she still laying claim to him? Delusional much? Next my thoughts drift to Remus and what happened there. He's not even shown up in the story, thus far, but supposedly betrayed Harry, as well.

Update soon.

Author's response

- Yeah, Ron's an ass.

- Very delusional. She can't conceive of him not being in love with her, so she knows he'll come to his senses and return so that she will have the money she always really wanted. After all, she earned it.

- Remus will appear (at least in flashback) in chapter 8.