Review for Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

(#) BJH 2008-03-24

Be my guest to use the Rita says Harry's poor idea. In fact let me flesh out my idea and you can take or leave what you want. Have Harry and Hermione be having lunch knowing that Rita is hiding as a bug and eavedropping. Harry mentions that he got a notice from Gringotts that they are "going through with it".

Hermione says, "No, not all of it."

Harry nods sadly, "Every knut. Thanks to Bellatrix's work before she got married, they sued the Black family and since I am both the head of Black and Potter they got the Potter goods as well."

"But surely not all of it!"

Harry shrugs. "It's not like I wanted all the money anyways. I'm used to having nothing so starting over again is no big deal."

"Harry, you know you can always live with my parents for a bit if you need to, just 'till you get back on your feet."

"Thanks, Hermione, I might just take you up on that after school ends."

The Prophet runs the story under the headline, "Harry Pauper, The Boy Who Owed". They say Harry is absolutely penniless, utterly destitute.

Then after Molly vents herself and Ginny brags that she is glad it happened and that Harry never got to touch her. Now every boy at Hogwarts old enough to get a boner will have the chance to get what Harry will only be able to dream of.

This will also give you a chance to have Daphne come up to Harry and tell him that it doesn't matter to her. She wants to spend time with him and not have him spend money on her. this will strengthen the H/D dynamic. Or if you want to break them up have her tell him how much she likes him, cares for him, but she just doesn't know how to not have money. No matter how she feels the Slytherin in her won't let her get involved with someone who can't support her in the style she grew up with. You could even make her seem fairly sympathetic here.

Then Witch Weekly comes out with their annual Most Eligible Bachelor list and Harry is #1. They say that in spite of recent allegations made by the Daily Propher, WW contacted Gringotts directly and we were told that Mr Potter remains one of their most valued clients ( meaning richest) and that no such confiscation actions have even been suggested against either the Potter or Black houses. Harry remains one of the richest wizards in Britian and is certainly the sexiest so he is the obvious choice for their #1 Most Eligible.

And if you wanted to be vindictive against Ron and Ginny; Ginny schemes to use polyjuice to imitate either Daphne or Hermione, whichever way the story goes, and seduce Harry, get pregnant and get his money that way. Harry hears of this and gets a dose of his own and let's Ron know that he could bed either Daphne or have one last romp with Hermione since Harry is going to be out of the castle that night. Ron uses Polyjuice to look like harry and Ginny seduces him instead. Then right in the middle of things the potion wears out on both of them at the same time.

The screams would be heard all the way in Hogsmead!

Now if I could only get my creativity flowing on my own story the way it is running on yours.