Review for Bella Rising

Bella Rising

(#) Wonderbee31 2008-03-25

Wow, intense, and heavy going here, and I for one am hoping Greg makes it. Glad to see Bella survived, but mad that Blaise got away for now. Here's hoping that when the ban-hammer comes down on him/her, that it comes down hard enough that there's no escape. The Sons were just as bad as the DE's and wonder if the leniency the captured ones think they'll get will really be what they hope, or just a quicker death?

Author's response

Wow, five points to your house for fastest review, I just posted this, took a walk and came back to find your review.
I'm glad you liked it - one or two more chapters to go and then I need to get serious on my novel(s).
I will tell you (a special treat 'cause you were so prompt) that the ending is a literal "twist of the knife!"