Review for Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

(#) FenrisWolf 2008-03-29

Painful as it was, I'm glad the breakup has happened and we can get on with the Ron bashing. A nice touch might be have the Ravenclaw Sisterhood, in a show of 'smart girl solidarity', take up the task of showing Ron the error of his ways. That would allow Hermione to take the moral high ground while still seeing Mr.-Ruled-By-His-Penis pays for his crime. I shudder at the idea of what sort of hexes and jinxes a cabal of ultra-smart girls with research skills could dig up, and that's without the creative insights of a certain radish-wearing blonde.

Speaking of which Luna and Hermione would make a scary couple, and hey, if they stay together they could always approach Daphne about borrowing Harry as a sperm donor, she's old-fashioned enough that she might allow it....

Author's response

- While I'm sure that the female mafia will enact 'justice' (I am reminded of the viginette in the movie "Amazon Women of the Moon" where all women everywhere are connected in an informational network informing them of everything every man has ever done...) How ever that is not the focus of the story... Though it might make a nice oneshot...

- As appealing as the Hermione/Luna idea is, I can't write slash to save my life. I'm not sure that I'm even going to explore Hermione's love life.