Review for Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

(#) lufio 2008-04-02


Amusing prank there.
Good use of flashback to set
The reason for it.

-[ And we finally see first-hand what caused the rift between the Weasleys and Harry in the first place. Good to see that loose thread settled. I look forward to what you'll do to reveal the final scene with Voldemort.

Oh, yeah. It's nice to see you actually include a sex scene in a chapter with a warning for sex. Chapters 4 and 6 had warnings as well, but no sex scenes to signify the need for the warnings. ]-

Author's response

- re: sex... I prefer to err on the side of caution. Fer instance more than one reader commented on how 'graphic' my sex scene was, when all I did was mention that they both had naughty bits and suggested that those naughty bits might have merged...