Review for The Power of The Void

The Power of The Void

(#) Gripfang 2008-04-07

I haven't read this, but am very interested in how I managed to get into the Harry Potter world without my knowledge.

I case you're wondering, this is the ORIGINAL Gripfang Wildeblade.

I'm the guy who pops up all over when you do a google search on the name.
I've had the name for 7 or 8 years now.

I'll read your story and if I like it, good on ye.
If I don't, you'll quite possibly be harassed mercilessly.

Peas and cookies!

Gripfang Wildeblade

Author's response

Gripfang does creep up in a lot of stories doesn't it.
And thank you for reading my story. I do hope you like it.