Review for The Return of the Boy Who Lived

The Return of the Boy Who Lived

(#) daewos 2008-04-13

Interesting start - Neville with a backbone! Certainly a different start to the usual second chance scenario. It will be interesting to see how much you diverge from canon.

Slightly disappointed that there will be little Dumble bashing - I cannot stand the old git and always like seeing him slapped down!

Author's response

The first year, at least in a lot of areas, will be very similar to canon, simply because a lot of the pieces were in place before the Time/World jump. There will be several more differences 2d year; but 3rd year is where it's going to be very different.

Consider this; in Neville's original world; Harry was raised by his still living parents; there was never a betrayal (that they knew about) of the secret, so Neville has no foreknowledge about the events of 3rd year.

That is when it should get interesting GRIN