Review for Tilt the Glint and Wish, Doll

Tilt the Glint and Wish, Doll

(#) Saphira 2008-04-21

Wow... two updates in such a short time... guess I have to follow through on my threat and write another one... I'll have to get on more often. It'll probably be kinda parodical though, because everything I write quickly ends up a parody.

Author's response

Parodical? I've read are they a parody? I think they're full of thick, creamy, angsty goodness. Like doughnuts.

...No, not like doughnuts. I don't like doughnuts.

Yeah, I've posted a couple of them quickly. I'm trying to write through my block, but I've got finals coming up. I think I may just have to take a break and hope that it's gone by the time I come back. You know, when it's fresh. I've got to study; scholarships to keep and all that. sweatdrops