Review for A Whole New Change: Adventures of a Male Veela

A Whole New Change: Adventures of a Male Veela

(#) MonCappy 2008-04-24

/His magic flowed into his wand until he literally felt a couple of connections snap in it. He knew that he needed to be to assimilate the memories he had areceived. He knew that this would take quite a bit of time so he needed a spell to slow down the time flow in his room compared to the outside...

... He would now have more than enough time, one day in the room equaled one hour outside of it. The circle had been sucked into the floor as the light had faded and could only be countered by Harry spilling his blood on it willingly./
One thing here. You just triggered a pet peeve of mine. Harry sped up time in his room. He did not make it pass more slowly than it does in the outside world. If one day passed in his room while an hour passed outside, then time is flowing faster where he is; thus his ritual was a time speeding one.