Review for As Of Yet, Untitled.

As Of Yet, Untitled.

(#) lacerationgravityxxx 2008-05-01

i loved this chapter. i love how they bicker and converse!!

she is kind of young and he is much older!! but the odd unexpected pregnancy can turn out to be a wonderful thing!!

Author's response

I love the younger/older combo. I'm just that kind of gal. Currently, the youngest guy I have a crush on is very late twenties, and that would be Frank. And also Mikey. And also some of my older friends. I am such a Lolita.

Their relationship is basically built on spats and disagreements. They like it that way, at least that's how I imagined it. So, yes, there's lots of bickering interspersed with regular dialogue. I love that you love that.